What University has taught me.

  1. I did not magically get my shit together as soon as I started studying.
  2. It can get incredibly lonely
  3. I did not know I could consume this much alcohol
  4. There are so many different kinds of people who you must be open to accepting and they shall accept you
  5. I will fight for what I believe in
  6. People are not just one thing, we are all two sides of a very complicated coin. Bad and good and that is okay.
  7. I have had to learn how to take care of myself, I need to keep my body healthy and my mind healthy.
  8. I feel guilty when I miss a lecture because I am afraid of missing out on a learning opportunity.
  9. Drinking red bull to stay awake is really not a good idea, you will probably get heart palpitations and want to go sleep anyway.
  10. I can survive on four hours of sleep
  11. I write the best work an hour before
  12. Sometimes the university structure can feel artistically draining and as if you cant be yourself but you’ll find your groove again.
  13. Two minute noodles are the best thing in the world.
  14. Cheese is a luxury
  16. I still have a lot of growing to do
  17. I learn how to love more every day
  18. I am more than the box people put me in.
My place to find piece when life gets too much.
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