Not Good Enough? Show Up Anyway.

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Originally published today at… submitted with a whole heap of humility here, among gifted writers. Although the website references will be lost on those of you who haven’t been to the blog (nor have an interest in it right now), the overall message isn’t lost because of it. I hope it resonates with some. Thanks for reading!

I hate to repeat such a tired quote, but it’s too perfect today.

The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.

Well, that’s one of the reasons, anyway… and it’s been obnoxiously real for me today.

If you’ve read About She Gets There (if you haven’t, I’d love for you to take a look), you know I created the blog to be a space where where a perfect image isn’t the point — in the least. That isn’t to say you won’t find great quality content here (you will), but from the moment I conceived the project, I planned to show up in all my flawed glory, learning all the time, in front of God and everybody. Why? Because I think we all could all stand to find a few more corners of the “self-development” genre where writers aren’t just sharing wisdom from experience, but are also saying, “You don’t have this down yet? Me either.”

That seems easy enough when you’re still fueled by the rush of excitement that comes with new projects, especially when they seem to have a life a buzzing, brewing life of their own. “Of course I’ll share the difficult stuff, too! No problem! This will be great!

Then there are days like today. Ok… and yesterday. When writing something at all is the “difficult stuff.” Days that are decidedly not highlight reel material and leave you to create something “worth reading” pushed along not by that sweet, effortless inspiration that started it all, but by sheer, resolute will. And that means taking a risk… which is fine, except that the response may very well be nothing more than the echo of my fingers tap, tap, tapping away on my laptop. That, boys and girls, kind of sucks.

But here’s the reality: as long as we show one another (and want) nothing but those highlight reels, we can talk authenticity all we want, but we aren’t living it. Living authentically requires showing up for our commitments — including commitments made only to ourselves — even when we’re fearful, even when we’d rather distract ourselves with anything we can convince ourselves is, you know…. also important (I really should be cleaning house right now…).

Even when we don’t think what we have to offer right now is “good enough” — whatever that means.

So, against the better judgment of my less secure side, I got down to business. And at some point in all the typing, deleting, eating too many chips, and typing more, I felt movement. I discovered the value in the exercise. I found my reason and my tenacity. Write. Share. “Good enough” be damned.

Doing something well should always be our ultimate goal. And there are obviously situations when we’ve a lot to lose if we fail in the attempt. But there are many things, like what I’m doing here and maybe what you’re doing, too, for which the stakes just aren’t that high. It’s our pride, not our well-being that may take a hit if we offer up something less than we think people expect. And you know what? I can live with that in exchange for looking back on today, knowing I didn’t back down.

Have you made a commitment to show up for yourself no matter what, only to find yourself holding back because you know this — whatever you have to offer today — isn’t what you want people to see? Yes? Welcome to the party. The answer, for both of us?

To show up anyway, of course.

Getting There,


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