Social Media And Your Brand

Social media has quickly become a prevalent part of everyday life, from sharing photos of your loved ones on Facebook and Instagram to participating in Twitter chats through hashtags. Where do you begin with social media and your brand? Is your audience already active on social media?

In this SheShares video, you will learn how to effectively use social media for your businesses and personal brands as part of an overall marketing strategy:

  • Basic social media terminology: hashtags, tweeting, followers, shares, 
    • Which social networks to use for your target market 
    • Tools to use to make social media management easier: scheduling posts, social listening, image creation 
    • How to maximize your time and engagement on social media to increase brand awareness and possible conversions to sales and more network connections

About Helene Kwong ( CEO & Co-Founder of Hashtagitude):

Hi, my name is Helene Kwong and I am the CEO and Founder of Hashtagitude. I grew up fascinated with the Internet and social communities and am an early adopter of the major social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+. I have fast thumbs and can out-tweet many other professionals in the industry. I love helping businesses grow their social media presence with my unique and effective strategies.

Hashtagitude was born out of my love for live-tweeting at conferences and seeing how many businesses need a true social media expert who walks the talk on their side for success. I have helped conferences such as Launch Festival and SXSW V2V strengthen their Twitter presence through my constant tweeting during their events.

**Photo by Cher Cruz Photography