Announcing the 2017 SheDemos Teams

SheDemos is a collaboration between SheStarts and Babson’s WIN Lab built to highlight high-growth female founders and their startups in the city of Boston and beyond. The night will begin with over a dozen startups showcasing their products to the public, followed by the top five teams pitching their products to a panel of esteemed judges. At the end of the pitch sessions, one winner will be announced and awarded thousands of dollars worth of in-kind prizes. Those not in the final five still have a chance to bring home prizes as the “fan-favorite”, the company that garners the most votes from the event’s attendees.

The 5 teams selected to pitch at SheDemos are:

Aisling Organics

Aisling Organics is a revolutionary line of high-performance + organic makeup. It was created after the founder was sick for years and discovered one of the culprits was her makeup. Not being able to find any alternatives on the market that were truly high-performance and pure led to the idea that became the company.

OZÉ is a mobile app that empowers small business owners to make data driven decisions. It aggregates and analyzes business data to create dashboards and push plan-language recommendations to improve performance. Eventually, it will be able to use machine learning to better its advice. It will be like putting a CFO, smarter than any MBA, in the pocket of millions of African business owners for less than $2 per month. The most promising businesses will be connected to low-cost capital so that they can invest behind their insights to unlock true growth.

Project 99 enables diverse millennial talent to be at the forefront of cultural change within leading companies. It helps companies run internal, cohort-based leadership programs that equip their high-potential millennials to harness their collective energy and talent to tackle racial equity in the workplace. Through this work, it will achieve our vision of 30% racial and ethnic diverse leadership across the corporate sector by 2030. Project 99 also works with educational institutions, nonprofits, and other public sector organizations in fostering inclusive and equitable workplaces through customized trainings and events.

WatchRx is building an easy-to-use watch, that’s also a built-in phone and GPS, dedicated to helping seniors take their meds on time, stay connected in real-time to their family and live independently in their homes as long as possible. The watch is first-of-its-kind designed from ground up for patients with usability challenges taking multiple medications, many of whom have chronic conditions, low vision and cognitive limitations.

WorkAround Online is an online platform that connects companies with displaced workers who deliver online microwork such as image tagging and data entry for machine learning. Companies dealing with machine learning and data analysis require thousands of data points, and although the ultimate goal of all this data is automation, much of it requires initial human input. WorkAround’s skilled pool of workers from areas with low economic opportunities quickly and accurately tag and input this data for machine learning and A.I. focused companies.

The teams selected to showcase are:

  1. coeo Fitness is an app networking fitness instructors in boutique studio fitness
  2. EDU CRED provides compliance tracking for professional license continuing education credentialing
  3. Empiriclee provides innovative public polling and social science data acquisition & analytics
  4. Etiquette is the online store for renting designer wedding dresses
  5. Hunters Space is the marketplace that makes entrepreneurship more accessible for minorities
  6. Jack’n’Ferdi streamlines your travels to make them more meaningful
  7. The Labz is where music creators come to collaborate
  8. PlaceMe Life co-living for the global millennial — providing living as a service
  9. The Puffin makes technology intelligently accessible
  10. X.O.I is the first-ever all-natural skincare and anti-aging beverage in the market.

Join us on November 1 at WeWork South Station in Boston to see the teams compete for prizes in the pitch and demo competition to meet the additional teams in this year’s Boston Babson WIN Lab cohort.

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