Funding Options and Improving Access to Investors for Women Entrepreneurs

On October 20, SheStarts is hosting an event as part of Women Entrepreneurs Boston Week about funding options for your business (there’s still time to register to attend the event, so join us). A stated goal of WE BOS Week, is to help increase access to funding for women entrepreneurs. Part of how we are helping to solve the funding gap is by providing women entrepreneurs direct access to investors.

11 members of the investor community in Boston are giving their time to meet with 11 female founders in a power hour of networking as part of this program. After a competitive application process, here are the 11 teams selected to meet with investors:

Date My Wardrobe is a marketplace to connect local fashion designers with consumers in their city for high end fashion rentals.

WatchRx is building an easy-to-use watch with phone & GPS to help seniors take their meds on time, stay connected in real-time to their family via our mobile app and live independently in their homes. The watch provides trio feedback (audio/visual/haptic) reminder showing the medication name, dosage and image with voice instructions, and alerts their caregivers for any missed medications, fall detection, emergency calling, and active GPS tracking. The watch collects 250+ real-time behavioral data points every day used by our Early Warning Predictive Analytics machine learning system to alert the caregivers and physicians in case of any anomaly.

BeautyLynk delivers hair and makeup services to customer through web-based marketplace of vetted professionals. BeautyLynk has developed two applications that will ultimately end unemployment in the beauty industry. Its marketplace connects independent professionals to customers that need them. Its salon management system allows for any salon to be able to deliver real time on location services and more.

BodyRecog is an integrative platform that provides health risk assessment for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer based on a person’s digitally obtained body type and body shape. It provides the user with interesting explanations and personal health recommendations. BodyRecog enables the professional (doctor, trainer, nutritionist, scientist, etc.) to directly and remotely monitor the end-user (patient, trainee, client, subject, etc.); but also health-conscious individuals to monitor themselves, see how their body changes as a result of diet, exercise, therapy or medication, or any combination of the four, i.e. they can see their fat loss or muscle gain in cm/inch and where exactly on the body.

KindEye for Business is a platform where sustainable, indie brands and retailers meet and make wholesale deals that matter. It vets socially responsible, safe, non-toxic brands that meet high standards and make it easier for retailers to find the ones that match with their needs. It is transforming the way modern, sustainable brands and retailers do business.

Milk on Tap is a provider network supplying the telehealth revolution with the allied health professionals it needs to succeed. It started a provider network with Lactation Consultants and Registered Dietitians, and plans to expand to Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech Therapists in the near future.

Simone Simon provides unique building blocks for the dynamic woman’s wardrobe. By strategically orienting and positioning patterns & stripes on the body shape, the frame is enhanced, and appears more feminine. This isn’t magic, it’s truly based on anatomy & geometry.

Spots is a real-time mobile technology that provides a direct communication channel between businesses and customers. Businesses can communicate promotions, specials, events, and alerts to users in real-time and users get access to the real-time info they want (current events, specials, wait times, lines, crowd levels). Businesses can track the effectiveness of their offerings from impression in the app through entry into the store. Businesses are also able to communicate with/respond directly to users on a dedicated, targeted platform.

Folia Health is a care plan management system designed for the parents of children living with chronic disease. Folia takes the legwork out of understanding your child’s care plan, preparing for doctor’s appointments, and making sure that your doctor receives important information about what works for your child.

ConquerX: ConquerX’s Metachip technology represents a game-changing approach to cancer diagnostics and screening by leveraging a new class of biomarkers — microRNAs — to earlier detect up to eighteen types of cancer in one accurate, cost-effective blood test. It will provide an earlier detection of cancer in a fast and cost-effective way.

CliqBit is a product that uniquely combines the humor and personal spaces on the internet. With hysterical editing tools, a lighthearted culture, and unique layers of disappearing options and privacy, CliqBit equips people to easily create funny content of their own to share with their friends. This funny-focused social network is the place for a good laugh. Currently, CliqBit users are mainly sharing their personal funny moments on our app. These are amusing sides of our peers/friends that we’ve never really seen, and wouldn’t otherwise because existing platforms don’t exactly encourage it or have the proper fun tools.

The companies and the problems that they solve are as different as the founders who launched them. The one common thread is that they are founded by women.

We are grateful to the members of the investor community who are providing their time and expertise to these dynamic startups. Specifically, thanks and kudos to the following people who are offering their time and expertise:

Catherine Mannick — Launchpad Venture Group
Jean Hammond — Launchpad Venture Group, Golden Seeds & Hub Angels
Mimi Bennett — Golden Seeds
Sheila Narayan — Golden Seeds
Ari Glantz — New England Venture Capital Association
Payal Divakaran — .406 Ventures
Jennifer Jordan — MassVentures
Betty Francisco — Pipeline Angels
Ohran Gazelle — Schooner Capital
Ben Littauer — Boston Harbor Angels, Walnut Angels
Rob McCall — .406 Ventures