Meryl Streep Wins 20th Oscar Nom, Punches Donald Trump’s Assumption Calling Her Overrated, Celebrates With A GIF! Oh yes!

She can only better herself. And sometimes she does it in style. This was one of those moments. Meryl Streep celebrated her Oscar nomination with — wait a moment — an unbelievable GIF! She beat her own record by getting the 20th Oscar nomination and what did that do to her? Jump with joy? Do a quick tap dance or a graceful headbang? Call it whatever but this could be the GIF of 2017! Already? You bet!

Meryl Streep’s #Oscars nomination statement. Seriously, she sent a gif. This time the nomination is for Florence Foster Jenkins

Meryl Streep is a three-time Oscar winner. A champion of women and clearly a role model who has shattered many a glass ceiling.

She picked her first Academy Award nomination for The Deer Hunter in 1979 in the best supporting actress category, which she lost out to Maggie Smith for her film California Suite.

She won her first ever Oscar for Kramer vs Kramer in 1980. Her other wins were for Sophie’s Choice in 1983 and The Iron Lady in 2012.

Meryl Streep is now the most nominated actress in history with 20 nominations! Clearly Not Overrated? There are few people in the film industry not in awe of politics and even fewer who speak their mind. Meryl Streep counts herself in that rare tribe. She got her 20th Oscar nomination after being called ‘Overrated’ by the new American President Donald Trump.

And so when she presumably got so many calls to congratulate her and get her reaction, she thought sending a gif was a perfect answer. Woo hoo. How cool is that? Go lady. #SheThePeople