SheWorx AAA Spotlight: Annette Burgard, ‎Founder, More Than Carrots

Founders in SheWorx are women who embody three core values. We call these the AAA Values: Ambition — We set big goals and push ourselves outside of our comfort zone. Action — We work around constraints and always find a way to get things done. Altruism — We give back to our communities and encourage the success of other women.

Meet Annette, one of the many incredible founders attending the upcoming SheWorx100 Summit.

1. What does your company do?

More Than Carrots helps curious foodies who want to eat more vegetables (but not too much mushroom risotto) find the restaurants with the most balanced and creative menus. We organize Chef’s Table events where we partner with restaurants and bring their best and newest vegetarian dishes to life. Then we share these experiences online for our users to find the best options for dining out.

2. What impact are you making? What does this impact look like in 10 years?

Our vision is a world in which the global food industry is environmentally sustainable. We believe that it’s not only possible but essential to achieve that within the next 10 or so years and a big part of it relates to all of us eating less meat.

More Than Carrots is the brand for anyone who is willing to eat less meat but doesn’t quite know where to start. We work with restaurants to create and promote exciting vegetarian food and allow diners to indulge while also reaching their long-term meat reduction goals. We’ll have achieved our mission when the majority of restaurants serve as many or more vegetarian dishes than meat dishes and vegetarian food is not considered a second best option.

3. How do you embody the SheWorx AAA Values of Ambition, Action, Altruism in your work and life

When I realized how bad our meat consumption is for the environment I felt that I had two choices — go vegan or start a business that is big and successful enough to make everyone in Europe and North America eat less meat. I opted for the latter and you can now decide for yourself whether you want to call me lazy or ambitious :) To be fair, I don’t think I could go vegan.

My favourite quote at the moment is Babe Ruth’s “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up”. Ever since I’ve heard that I repeat it to myself whenever I want to stop. That’s Action for me.

‘Think Long Term’ in one of our company values and both my co-founder and I agree that More Than Carrots has to serve a bigger, long-term purpose — be altruistic if you will — if we want to stay motivated. I’d go as far as saying that I need this for selfish reasons — I’m not happy unless I believe that what I do also helps others.

4. Why are you excited about the SheWorx100 London Summit? What is the best part about being in the SheWorx community?

SheWorx always brings together the most talented and inspiring group of women and I love your events for that reason. It’s not always easy to find the ambitious women, because we all like to hide our ambition. I love that you provide a forum where we can share our experiences and help each other.

Are you building an incredible company? Join us at the upcoming SheWorx100 Summit in London.

By Lisa Wang: She is a serial entrepreneur and the Co-founder of SheWorx, the global collective of ambitious female entrepreneurs redefining leadership.

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