SheWorx AAA Spotlight: Shelley Taylor, Founder & CEO, trellyz

Founders in SheWorx are women who embody three core values. We call these the AAA Values: Ambition — We set big goals and push ourselves outside of our comfort zone. Action — We work around constraints and always find a way to get things done. Altruism — We give back to our communities and encourage the success of other women.

Meet Shelley, one of the many incredible founders attending the upcoming SheWorx100 Summit.

1. What does your company do?

trellyz is a resource management and collaboration tool for NGOs, nonprofits and local governments and cities. trellyz offers a Services Management Product and a Volunteer Management Product, and is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that offers real-time, location-based communication and management across all devices while being the first ever global network where nonprofits and cities can collaborate and communicate, and publish their services to their beneficiaries on a mobile app.

2. What impact are you making? What does this impact look like in 10 years?

By helping the very organisations and entities that help the most vulnerable people and causes, solving problems the private sector can’t or won’t, our software enables our customers to increase their impact and reduce their costs. We are already operating in 14 countries, having first launched with our passion project the Refugee Aid App (RefAid) that is helping more than 400 of the largest nonprofits in the world deploy their services to refugees more effectively. We achieved all of this in 1 year, evidence that there was a big need for the tools we provide. In working with these organisations, we realised that all nonprofits and local governments who provide services to beneficiaries have the same challenges — managing their resources — and have not generally used modern tools and databases to do their work. Leveraging our early relationships and success we have begun offering similar products to these organisations for all non-refugee related services and added the Volunteer Management Product because this is a resources that is under-managed, and yet critical to to success and impact. In 10 years our resource management products will be helping nearly all nonprofits manage their services, volunteers and supplies and our success will resemble that of SalesForce. Our low and innovative pricing model, and network effect, will encourage all service providers to use our products making trellyz as ubiquitous as Microsoft office.

3. How do you embody the SheWorx AAA Values of Ambition, Action, Altruism in your work and life?

As a mature founder I have had many careers, the first of which was as a fund manager in the 1980s when I launched the first socially responsible institutional investment departments at three of the US’s largest brokerage firms. In 1989 I moved from Silicon Valley to London where I helped launch 3 of the first green and ethical funds. In addition, in 1991 the research company I ran published the seminal study, “The Rewards of Virtue” which served as the foundation for the first Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in the UK. That study compared the investment criteria of institutional fund managers with corporate practices along social criteria. The study became the basis of Adrian Cadbury’s Good Company initiatives at the RSA, and created the stakeholder model for managing a company. In 1992 my company started publishing studies “Full Disclosure” which compared the disclosure and transparency of hundreds of publicly traded companies in Europe, Japan and the US, and became the basis of the Cadbury Greenbury corporate governance guidelines, and influenced the US and European stock exchange guidelines and requirements for disclosure, along with the accounting standards boards practices. In 2006 I launched my first consumer platform to compete with MySpace and iTunes. Our goal was to protect the rights of content creators at a time when Spotify and MySpace were illegally streaming music and not paying the rights owners. My company, alldigdown, was the first to be licensed by major record labels to have DRM free music. And most recently, my commitment to helping refugees led to the RefAid app being the most successful technology to help refugees, and known throughout the world in less than one year. My commitment to social impact has been unwavering for 3 decades and I believe that my values of Ambition, Action and Altruism have been born out in all of my companies.

4. Why are you excited about the SheWorx100 London Summit? What is the best part about being in the SheWorx community?

I love being around women founders and am especially looking forward to meeting investors who invest in women founders. As an older founder I find that age has compounded the challenges of being a black, female founder — the most under-represented entrepreneurial population to receive venture funding. I’m hoping that I will find investors who see the global impact that our platform is already making and be willing to dig down deeper.

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By Lisa Wang: She is a serial entrepreneur and the Co-founder of SheWorx, the global collective of ambitious female entrepreneurs redefining leadership.

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