Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer
Owen Jones

Excellent and courageous Owen — you are a hero! I watched your recent interview with Corbyn and it was embarrasing. Corbyn was so vacuous and patronising that I wondered what you’d do about it. Now I see, you’ve done the right thing, stick to the truth and rationality. He’s an old codger who is misleading young people because they so want to believe in somebody with virtue. What he’s actually offering is a religion with a set of beliefs that he’s prepared to die for along with anyone else who cares to step over the cliff with him. He is a good guy and he has changed the debate but he’s not the person to get the job done. I voted for him myself, but that was before it became clear that he doesn’t have the capacity to be effective. I just hope people will wake up and see that Owen Smith has that ability, here and now, plus a very similar agenda.The Blairites are old hat! We’ve actually achieved so much but it could all be lost if we stick with someone just not suited to the political process.