1. How do you define UX/design?

Ux design is a large area that regroups lots of people. Ux is called for user experience. What it means is that UX Design is focused on humans first. We need to understand people we’re designing for. Designing something must be unique and in a personal way. Every path is different, depending on the situation.

But as i said, User experience results from the combined efforts of everyone involved in building it. Front-end developers, dev-ops, product mangers, copywriters, support executives & all other people contributing to the product are responsible for the UX.

2. What is your design process?

My design process is unique depending the situation. But in many projects, i first try to understand the objectif of it. What are the users ? What is the main aim of it ? The final output of the project ? What do i need to regroup to make it look in a new way ?

After those question/answers i try to apply what i know in my design. After this i start building my style guide and style tiles. I always keep an eye on users, i ask questions all time and feedback is very important. What i do next is wireframes and visuals until code.

3. What are some apps or websites that you love?

I’m always connect on the socials media like Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Instagram, YouTube, Vine and much more. I love being connected throw the world. The internet has such changed our lives through screens.

About my personal work, my websites & apps are Behance, Medium, Github, Codepen. Those help me to improve my skills and show my projects.

4. How do you work with engineers/Product Managers/other designers?

What i first like is building a project with other mates. It proves awesome things can grow when everyone is designing on an unique way.

When i’m on a project, i try to talk a lot with my mates to understand their ideas. It’s important to communicate and to help each others.

5. Who in the industry do you follow and read?

I’m following Brad Frost, Jeremy Keith, Mike Monteiro, Jared Spool and lots of others icon of the web on Twitter. It’s very important to stay tuned on what they say & show. Internet is growing faster ans faster and we always have to be on time.

Those personalities are awesome for what they do, and it’s why they are so popular. I like their conferences & books.

6. What is the most interesting project you have worked on?

The most interesting project i’ve worked on is certainly one of my school projects. It’s called Ilab. This project was for me a good introduction in UX research & design. Focused on the future of human being & communication. Loved it so much.

Here is the link to view it :

7. Do you prefer to work alone or with a team?

I like both. When i’m alone, I’m doing what i think it’s nice. It’s why i also like working in team because we go far when each of the member’s team are involved. We get also more feedback because the project is viewed by a team and not only personal.

8. Tell me about an assignment that was too difficult. How did you handle the situation?

I had many times some rules i didn’t know how to approach. But with the times, you try to learn and apply what you’ve learned. I had a project one day and they told me to handle the code. I didn’t know anything about how i could do this but i told myself that nothing comes form itself and i kept going on it.

We can have excuses or we can have results, but we cannot have both.

9. Why do you want to work at [company x]?

I like spending time with lots other designers and what i really appreciate is when everyone is well considered. Like an internship. It’s important to be a part of a team and to be trusted by everyone. I want to learn and grow with my team through feedbacks and lead-decisions.

I need a place that makes me being focused and positive, that helps me going on the nice way trough powerful digital crafting experiences. Mentorship is also very important because i don’t like being abandoned on the right side like an “robot”.

10. Why should I hire you?

You should hire me because i never give up. I’m always doing my work at 150% and i never miss my objectives. This is very important for me because there is a time for each things we wanna do.

I like doing a nice job. I like spending time with others through beautiful projects and i know you must have someone like me. A good designer is someone that is’t afraid of danger, because fear is only a choice.

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