Originally from Brad Frost ( modification)

Atomic Skeleton Design

A concept that would create a common basic skeleton for many applications

Brad Frost learned us the Atomic Design Concept. For those who won’t know what I’m talking about let’s resume you it shortly : Atomic Design is a way that assemble atoms to each other (atoms are for example : a call to action button) to make them building a strong structure into molecules and organisms. Molecules are for example the association of a button and a searchbar. Organisms are more complex, for example : a form.

Many social networks are building with Atomic Design. Think about Twitter, one of the biggest socials in the world ! All embeds are same wherever you are. All tweets are the same no matter where you are surfing on the website. That’s called freacking awesomeness.

Now you understand Atomic Design, let’s develop the concept further.

Imagine a concept that would create a same skeleton for several apps treating about different projects, it would be so awesome !!

To give you some example (because yep, i’ve got some example all time) let’s show you the visuals of two different apps that I’ve builded but using the same skeleton to work.

1) Weezz, buy & sell weed (App concept for Amsterdam)

2) Pray, Buy & Sell presales to access all parties u want (App concept for tickets in belgium)

As you can see, I have two apps using the same building concept.

It means that if you build a good system for several apps, you can duplicate your designs and increase your popularity because those apps treat about lots of subjects.

You could duplicate and make the same app for many situations that needs a confortable user experience.

The biggest deal of this method: if you change something in the design of one of your application, all design are changing so u don’t need taking care of others.

Those apps are linked in a same modular design.

Thank you for reading !

Want to test the app concept ? Here you going :

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