The 5 commands Of User Experience Design

Here is a simple list of what you need to know

Sébastien Seghers


User experience design (Ux design) is the study of user’s needs and objectives. It means that designers have to understand how things work and how we can fix user problems. Ux is very important when you build an application or a website, because people will use it.

1. Always think about user’s needs

When you’re working on your project, think about how people will use your futur application or website. What are the important functionalities ? What can we access with those functionalities ? If i want to buy or visit something, where do I you have to go first to find what you need ?

Ask yourself several questions and try to give an positive answer to that. Try to fix problems with user testing and ask feedback ! Feedback will help you understand what doesn’t work correctly.

2. Always make it user friendly

It’s important to remember that people like their daily habits. When you build a project, try to innovate but also try to pick what already exist to put it in a new original way. Most of people don’t like to spend time searching and fixing their personal problem when they visit a website or an app; they just leave with a negative attitude about what they’ve saw.

3. Always optimize what you do

When you’re adding animations and processes that make it feel more comfortable, keep in mind that you need to optimize that. Animations are nice because it improve the user navigation, but it becomes bad when animations are everywhere. You need to put animations in the correctly way. What are you fixing with this animation ? What does it feel when we saw it and what is the purpose of this ?

If you want an example : If I put an animation on a hover element It’s because I want users to see that the button is ready to work.

4. Always stair your objectives

You need to establish your project objectives. What is the final purpose ? What are the main objectives of the user when they come on your website/app for the first time ? Try to determine it nicely. If those objectives are well designed people will return on it.

5. Always have fun in what you do

Believe in your project, have fun and take your time to build something nice. You need to trust in your project and people will feel it. We always feel better when we see that the project was made with love ! Make fun and laugh a lot ! Drink some coffee and everything will be nice :D

Thank you for reading this short story.

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