10 things you learn when you’re at your lowest on the emotional well being meter i.e. you’re shit depressed

1. You get to know if you have any friends i.e. people who actually give a damn.

2. After an emotional outburst on someone who you thought would be your saviour, you realise that life is not a romantic comedy and people don’t come running after you just to make sure you’re okay. You have to be your own saviour.

3. Your friends won’t stop making any plans just because your life is in jeopardy. And that makes you more depressed.

4. Even your ‘truest’ friends will avoid hanging out with you if the depression persists longer than they expected it would i.e. IS REAL.

5. People you never expected to be of any help will most of the times offer you the best support and will help you get back up again better. Lesson to learn — Life will surprise you. Mostly.

6. You will never learn so much about yourself as during this time. Your behaviour during this period will reflect your real values and hopes.

7. You are your greatest hero. You also learn that as much love as you need right now, most of it will have to be self generated.

8. Your folks will be there with you the same way as they were yesterday no matter how much you screamed at them the last night coz you were mad at something they didn’t even know about.

9. You will get to know the things that give you ‘real’ happiness. And most of the times, you will realise that they coincide with the things that matter.

10. You learn the value of a disciplined routine more than ever. You also learn to smile. Every day. Coz you realise you may or may not get a healthy and happy tomorrow ☺

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