I will start this off by thanking everyone who is taking the time to read this dev log as is customary!

Galaxy Warriors Rebrand:

Website Art:

We have now received all commissioned art for our rebranded website! We are incredibly excited about how it turned out, and we can’t wait to share the rebrand with you all!

Website Design:

Our professional website designer has been commissioned and has stated the design will begin on Monday, November 22. We have been told the design of the home page should be done by the end of next week, so our hope is to begin coding the website as soon as we receive the home page design. Please see below for some of his work!




https://imgur.com/7rPqJUn (in progress)

https://imgur.com/U59irX4 (in progress)

https://faraland.io/ (Not his website, but it is being used as a sort of reference for the style we are going for)

Sheesh V2:

The vote is in, and the consensus is to go ahead with the launch of V2! It has been a long time in the making, but Sheesh V2 will be out on November 19, 2021! We are not disclosing the exact time of contract deployment and airdrop due to the methodology we are using to migrate liquidity in an effort to avoid snipers. Please see below for the exact methodology:

List of Steps:

  1. We will mint tokens in a large surplus that will allow the team the ability to clear over 99% from the liquidity pool in PancakeSwap V2 and V1. We must add the same amount of liquidity into V2 that we currently have in V1 to ensure the price remains the same and our holders do not lose any value.
  2. A snapshot will be taken of the current holdings for all Sheesh holders.
  3. The minted tokens and developer wallet will be sold as quickly as possible to avoid all bots and trade snipers attempting to get double value. However, if you do trade during the period, we will have the ability to update the file and not air drop your tokens.
  4. The Sheesh V2 contract will be deployed.
  5. We will airdrop Sheesh V2 1:1 into your wallet, equivalent to all of your V1 holdings. (If you have 1,000,000 V1 tokens, you will get 1,000,000 V2 tokens automatically placed into your wallet without having to lift a finger)
  6. We will add all BNB to the Sheesh V2 Liquidity Pool to match the Liquidity snapshot we took prior to clearing out the Sheesh V1 LQ Pool
  7. We will open up trading with the new contract
  8. The team will begin generating tax revenue and stop losing liquidity to liquidity draining bots.
  9. On top of tax revenue there is an auto liquidity and reflections portion for the contract similar to GWT which means all holders will receive reflections of Sheesh directly into their wallets in proportion to their Sheesh V2 holding.
  10. We will utilize tax revenue to continue to improve our projects, buyback and burn Sheesh, and many other use cases that will benefit the community as well as the price of the token!

We are super excited to finally make the switch to a better contract that will benefit all holders and community members for the long term. The Sheesh dev team is now working harder than ever, and we hope you all can see that!

NFT Limited Edition Launch

We have shared with our community our limited edition launch that will come with the new website or very shortly after! We have been making some iterations to the first NFT, so please let us know which ones you like best!

NFT Pre-release

Earlier today, we received the draft / concept art for all 14 base aliens that will be playable in the game! They came out incredible, and we’re anticipating having them all finished in around 2 weeks!

We have not received the draft / concept art for the weapons yet, but we have been told they will also be done in around 2 weeks as well.


Sheesh is really snowballing right now! We’ve got several Philippines influencers on board now. We’ve got real products ready. We’ve got great contracts for our tokens. The coding for the game is going great!

How would everyone like an AMA in early December???


The Sheesh Team

Innovating NFTs for the community by the community.