Tsunami Disasters and Global Heating in Japan: Incremental or Transformational Adaptation to Sea Level Rise?

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Sep 26 · 9 min read
The entrance to Tarō’s ria, showing a bank of tetrapods, reconstructed since 2011. The ria topography increases the height and speed of tsunami, making the Sanriku coastline of Iwate prefecture especially prone to tsunami disasters.

Tsunami and Sea Level Rise

A Google Earth image prepared by the authors of Tarō taken on 9 January 2016 with the town’s basic reconstruction plan superimposed.

What Did We Find Out?

The Tarō fishing cooperative port tower. The yellow indicators show the heights of the 1896, 1933 and 2011 tsunami at that location, with the latter showing 17m. Peter Matanle is standing at the bottom of the tower for scale.


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