To promote your business, to have your brand credibility, you have to have a professional looking business website that can be displayed well on all devices including mobile, tablets, and desktop.

On top of that, that site should have good on-page SEO and search engine friendly code. Google page speed…

Consider your fiverr gig’s image as a Facebook image ad. You try to put your service and unique selling points there in order to persuade clients to click.

So, the most basic purpose to make the image should be to increase your impression to click ratio.

Add your face image…

When two people talk, transformation happens.

When you work hard to make it clear to someone else. When you try enough to convert their fears into confidence, when you really put massive value in someone’s life, when your advices impact, transformation happens.

Not only in the life of the listener, but in the life of speaker. Because in order to make something clear to someone, you need to make it clear to yourself. This requires process and hard work.

That hard work make it clear for your self first.

Whatever you help someone else, becomes the part of your own life. It may be providing confidence, lighting a candle, make them able to see the path or whatever.

Transformation happens….

In the meanwhile, you have to accept. That none of your work, writings, artwork, or startup will become smart enough at it’s highest possible end-product until you start to accept, what? Until you change your mindset, about what?

That, every good end-product requires iteration. The motivation one-page sales funnel you…

Wealth generation formula doesn’t start by only starting a business. You have to think what kind of business are you going to start.

In today’s economy, we have to think to impact millions. Remember, to make millions you have to impact millions. If you are doing the job, your wealth…

There is a good difference between formal education and self-education. Both represent a perspective and mentality, both need two different belief system, they part people into different categories. Formal education is what we get outside in, self-education is what we get inside out.

From different forums and social media, I…

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