One of the most amazing skill you can ever learn: Feel the present

Before evening, there was an empty road with no cars. That guy was waiting for someone. On that road, there was a tree with dancing leaves and attention-grabbing shadows. Some leaves were on the road. He suddenly moved his whole attention from unconscious/past/non-productive and future-planning/non-factual thoughts to this core present. Suddenly the whole feeling at that moment changed and he came to live in the very present moment with full attention on what was he seeing, what was he listening, how was he feeling and how a deep breath with sand-smell feels him. That guy was me.

Yes, that is the approach to life majority of us lost. Feeling the presence of present. So why don’t you try this at least one time in your life? Pick up your cell, make a 10-minute reminder and start to be consciously feeling the present. If you are washing your hands, for example, note everything with every sense. How soap smells, how cold water gives you a feeling, how do you hear the voice of water falling in the wash basin and how everything looks. I guarantee you that will one of the most amazing experiences / skill of your life you’ve ever experienced. Just give it a try and if it feels good. Take a 10 days challenge of doing the same exercise for 10 minutes daily. Do it now, fell in now and write your cool experiences with the community.

With a consistent voice of the fan, in front of my laptop, on a sofa, with a cup of tea, the sun is about to set outside my window, writing my thoughts, feeling calm/sleepy. Yeah, I’m feeling present.