Bootstrap Android Apps on the fly with yeomen for Android Architecture Components in MVVM

You have probably developed Android Applications and would have realized the pain of architecting the complete layer for the App from scratch.

It includes setting up the data layer,network layer and so on ..,which defintely suck up a weeks time just to reach the phase where you can probably start writing your business logic and design your views.

We all might have used different yo-generators for android which efficiently overcome this monster :)

One such application that I have come accross is Android-starters,which has many options to choose.It lacked the support for Android Architecture Component.

So I have dedicated my time learning the Architecture component using MVVM pattern and writing yeomen that the complete code can be made re-usable not only by me,but for the whole android community.

The generator creates a sample App which follows MVVM pattern using google’s Databinding Library and comprises of the following components :

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