Are you dimming your light? A Call to Action for Emerging Women Leaders.
Kiki Federico

I cannot like this enough! I will share in all of my circles. I know you are right about the phenomenon of remembering. Revitalization is real. Your words give me the courage to keep fighting the good fight, keep pushing the conversation toward inclusiveness and refusing to back down in the face of privilege.

At the same time, they offer a salve to my soul at a time when ghostwriting romance is the only way I can pay rent. (We all know what kind of heroes, heroines, and stories my clients want.) And yet, as I take the first few steps down the road to self-publishing, I know how I want my heroines to be different, more like me. I want them to question everything and upturn the status quo in pursuit of their desires. I can’t wait to write their successes and celebrate their power. At the same time, I have been afraid to do this because the industry behaves a certain way, and I have been wondering if people will even read a feminist romance. I do believe they are out there, that these stories will resonate — and yet, I need all the support I can get to convince myself to be truly authentic. It’s scary as hell, and when you’re a woman — even scarier.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For giving me inspiration today, and for helping me to convince myself not to shy away from my inner truth, not to conform to a patriarchal narrative. Just knowing there are others out there who have gained insight and wisdom, who can see clearly, and who are not afraid, that means everything.

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