Spiritual elitism
Jonas Ellison

Hey I really appreciate this article, Jonas.

It sounds like you appreciate a grounded approach to spirituality that recognizes and celebrates our humanness rather than one that endeavors to ignore or downplay our humanness…. Because you are really enjoying being human, and you’re in favor of spirituality that supports us as spirits in this human form.

That resonates with me a lot… that’s why I opened this right when I got notified of your article.

I’ve learned through some training I’ve been involved in throughout the year that some people experience what we call “the illusion of transcendence”… that sometimes looks like… “oh well, God will take care of it” (which can be a genuine, healthy trust and surrender, but can also be an avoidance of personal responsibility). Or sometimes it looks like choosing to meditate to rid oneself of negative emotions, which really just perpetuates them (“we can only transcend our emotions until we allow ourselves to experience them” and “what we resist persists” = Carl Jung).

Sometimes people use spirituality as another mask. We all wear masks… the positivity mask when we’re really feeling down or angry, the jokester mask when we’re really sad inside, the mean mask when we’re really feeling insecure. Some people wear spiritual masks to feel higher than thou.

The interesting thing that I think some of these aforementioned people don’t realize is that they might be letting their spirituality get in the way of their spirituality…

So the question for me is, how are we using our spirituality? Is it a way that makes us better humans? That supports us in serving ourselves and others better?

If you are interested I can share with you about how I learned about all of these things and more related topics on supporting us to be better humans.