A management student in an international English conference !!

I am a management student similar to most I am also an engineer. Things weren’t moving very fast and therefore, I decided to do MBA. It was one of those rare days of MBA when you don’t have a class, I saw an email about the conference by the department of English. I wasn’t doing anything and therefore, decided to join it.
 I reached the registration desk, a beautiful girl in a black top and blue jeans, was at the extreme left corner of the desk. She had straight hair and beautiful lips. There were other two people but I don’t remember them except that one of the other two was on the phone.
 I wrote my name on a paper and the lady on the phone gave me a folder and an ID card. She asked me for my name and as my name is so difficult I had to say it a few times before she got it, that’s one of the difficulties of a large name.

I never put ID card in my neck but that day since everybody was wearing it I decided to to wear it.

As I moved from the registration desk toward the seminar hall I looked at the stage, all the four people sitting on the dais were ladies. This was a little odd for me as being from an engineering background and now in the management, I am so used to see men everywhere. Only one of them were Indian and the remaining were foreigners. The lady on the left was from New York, the lady next to her was from Singapore, the next one was an Indian lady and the fourth one was British, she was real cute. When I reached, two of them have already spoken. So I started with the life story of the Indian lady. She was sharing her experience of the Institution

Soon I started feeling sleepy. For Management students, lectures are rare, our life is about cases, discussion, presentations. We rarely get a teacher who teaches something in class.

Since I was bored to death I started looking around, everybody except me was carefully listening to her again. I was the odd one out. I tried to concentrate on her again but you see, we are so used to learn so many things that we keep looking for something new all the time and listening continuously was not my thing.

I looked left and right and to my surprise, everybody except one or two were women. Most of them were quite old. I was working for an IT company before I joined my MBA program and girls in IT companies are damn good but this was altogether different. Now, what do I do? So, I started searching for the girl on the registration desk but she was not there. Thank god, the autobiography of the Indian woman on the dais was over and now the cute lady started speaking.

She was a British and she had all the qualities, she was in a white top. I couldn’t see her legs (come on guys don’t take me wrong). She had a brown hair, brown eyes, and a perfect figure.

She had a laptop next to her with a webcam which she switched on before she started speaking. She was a student partner as well as a writing guide. Her job was to counsel students and also train them writing in writing skills.

She started reading from a script. This time, I was listening and so do others. Soon I could not hear a word she was saying. I mean I could hear the words but my mind was not registering anything. We management students think that we know everything and especially after the first year. It all started to look the same. Finally, I decided to concentrate on her face. She had those perfect lips, pink and red at the same time. Her cheeks were red and the eyebrows were cleanly edged

Everybody started clapping. Her script was over. Now was the time for discussion and you see when it comes to discussion, we are the best. We can discuss on any topic doesn’t matter whether we know it or not.

When the first question was asked. I couldn’t understand what the hell they were talking. It looked like the philosophy of Descartes (The only philosopher I know). How am I supposed to know the difference between “I am therefore I think” and “I think therefore I am”. It was for the first time in last 5 years that I was out of words. I listened to the argument for first few minutes but then I stopped following it.

We management students are taught to take rational decisions based on facts while English is about philosophy. It was indeed a different experience altogether I now know that philosophy is not my thing. I left the place after having two juice cans, a full pack of chips and half a dozen of biscuits.