My journey to Full Stack Developer…

August 2017, I get in touch with new people from different NITs/IITs/BITS colleges and we didn’t know that we will be starting totally new journey ahead. We were just enjoying 5 start hotel and professional training.

After 15 days we came to know about the ‘real’ training program. StackRoute came into our life and after getting Linux Operating system and seeing beautiful terminal, my reaction was :


When newbies were learning how magic happens on webpage using HTML and CSS, I learnt advance features and understood the correct usage HTML tags, their importance and how to beautify almost anything using very simple styling and animations.

Angular 2/4 :

Started with basic JavaScript and came to know about the cross-platform framework, which is fast to write maintainable and modular code. Since I had knowledge about few other frameworks like Django, Rails, Codeigniter. I enjoyed learning this framework & RESTful API and covered basics step by step from the official site.

We created few projects in Angular 4, one of them is GithubRepoManager, where I used almost all the fundamentals and techniques I learnt. We also had hackathon where we came to know about what are the our weak topics.

Core Java and Spring Boot:

After learning how to create professional static webpage using HTML and CSS , then convert it into Angular 4 App. we learnt core java and java collection classes and their application in real world project.

We got many exercises as well. In the last one we had given (at around 11AM that day)a java project where only testcases has written in JUnit and code structure with empty methods. So our task was to run the testcases successfully without failure.

Since I already had experience of writing testcases for Python and specs for Ruby because of my open source contribution. I was able to complete all the methods and submitted (at around 1PM) in the server, which run all the other testcases successfully and got 100% . And after that :

Learning Spring framework and understanding the pre-configuration setup difficulty, we came to know about Spring Boot Starter and Maven.

Meantime we learnt many new things about software lifecycle and designing software according to the requirement. Design patterns and Design principle changed my way of thinking about the software design. I enjoyed writing RESTful APIs using spring boot application.

Final Project — Angular 5 as front end and Spring boot as backend:

Around 70 students were divided into groups and I became Scrum master for my group for the upcoming final project work. This time was where tough and we had to decide design and flow to complete the project. Microservices, Automated testing, CI/CD, messaging bus Kafka, Jenkins , Version control -Git, SVN, Isolated container — docker, SQL, NoSQL, Graph based database, and so on included into project design one by one.

In this time really learnt a lot about the microservices and it’s importance in complex project, how isolated container — docker is helpful to manage these services, how API Gateway is helpful for encapsulating the internal architecture (like facade design pattern), how we can pass messages using kafka publish-subscribe messaging systems, importance of version control to manage team members commits and each versions of the repository.

Since I had good knowledge of Git and importance of version control . I used it wisely and created branches for every member of the group to push the code, resolving conflicts, create PR and merge to master branch after the review.

After many challenges and hard-work, we finally able to finish the project and graduated.

Thanks to CGI Group India, for providing us awesome training through StackRoute, Banglore, India.