Pong Legends v0.3: Events: Boss Battles, Character Powers, and New Animations!

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Big Teddi but make him shine

Hello, Artiezens!!

We have rolled out another Pong Legends update — welcome to v0.3!

What’s in v0.3?

  • Events: Boss Battles 👾
  • Character Powers 💥
  • Character Animations 🎭

In this release, we are introducing the first iteration of events — Boss Battles! Also, the first four supernatural elements of the game (wow, what?!), and the first set of character animations. Keep in mind — this is the very first version of these features and just a taste test of what’s to come — we will be iterating based on feedback and learnings and rolling out improvements (and more gnarly powers) in future updates.

Play v0.3 here!

Introducing Events: Boss Battles

This update introduces a brand new PvE component, Boss Battles! These are meant to be time-limited, challenging events that pit you against powerful NPCs, each with unique looks and gameplay strategies to win. These foes are challenging (NGL). But hard work pays off. Discord members that have signed up to the Artie Task Force will have a chance to earn points by participating in a series of upcoming events.

“Wait a sec, Artie Task Force? What’s that?” Yup. Granny’s got the hookups, click 👉🏼 here for deets.

In order to play a Boss Battle, navigate to the section below in the game.

Be sure to check the events calendar regularly!

Character Powers

Get ready to experience the first set of Character Powers. As we’re currently in the alpha testing phase for character powers, these will only be available in Boss Battle Events (see table below).

Each power is assigned to a specific character and can be activated once per match (with passive powers always on). The Character Power UI container will indicate the power’s availability.

For now, NPC bosses won’t use character powers, but users can activate them to gain an edge in Boss Battles. We’re initially releasing four character powers, with plans to add more in the near future.

While character powers are currently limited to boss fights, we plan to make them fully accessible in matches for every character and NPC in the future. We are still testing and refining this feature, and we need your help testing these out.

We know this may be a bit confusing, so here’s a table to help.

Stay tuned to our social media channels, Discord announcements, and the ATF mission board to find out which characters have their powers activated to face the bosses!

With these powers brings new ways to outwit or overpower your foes! There are more to come!

Character Animations

In v0.3, we’re taking the visual experience to a new level with the addition of Character Animations. Your character will no longer idle as a stoic figure. They will now respond to various actions. Watch your opponent’s reactions based on in-game events such as shots made, shots missed, fazed meter percentage, and being hit by the ball (ouchie!). This new feature adds an extra layer of immersion and excitement to gameplay.

Look at them go! So cute! There’s plenty more animations to come!

Website Refresh

Our website recently got a fresh new coat of paint to more accurately align with the vision of our brand. This is only the first phase of the revamp, but check it out. Oh, and we also added in a “lore viewer” section for anyone who owns a digital collectible to be able to get all of the details of their Artie in one spot.

To view the lore viewer connect your wallet here on our website!

Community Twitch Stream

With v0.3 out now — we’re launching our Twitch channel. We’ll be live streaming Thursday, 4/20/23 from 9 AM PT to 10 AM PT and welcome you to join our community manager, Sheebaverse, on Twitch and encourage you to match up!

Follow us on Twitch here for the latest live streams!

We can’t wait for you to experience the thrill of Boss Battles, the power of Character Abilities, and the life-like Character Animations. If you have feedback, please join our Discord if you haven’t already and drop us a line.

Play Pong Legends Here!



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