Following the release of the tweeting bra that reminds women to conduct breast exams, a modest inventor has patented a snapping jock strap that uses snapchat to demonstrate a prostate exam.

Says the inventor:

“I want to discredit all the emphasis placed on breast cancer prevention. There are other cancers in the world, prostate cancer being the most important of them.”

It instigates the time-old debate: Is prostate cancer more important than all the other cancers, including breast cancer?

In response to this, Aiden from North Carolina adds:

“Prostate health is absolutely more important than titty health. Women can live without their breasts but men can’t live without their balls.”

That’s so true, Aiden! Men can’t live without their balls but they can live without their intelligence, which — I have to admit — is disappointing.

Jared from Sacramento says:

“I agree with the tech expert. People are falling prey to this whole trend of breast cancer prevention. We all know it’s just because women want attention!”

People fail to realize it but Jared is making a very valid point about a little known fact. Ladies, let’s not forget that the #1 cause of breast cancer is raging narcissism.

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