New Webcomic Resolution

Sheldon Lloyd
4 min readJan 10, 2018

Like many other kids in 90s, I watched a lot of Movies, Saturday morning cartoons, and anime adapted from comics and manga. But once I discovered and started to read the comics and manga from these shows I became inspired and wanted to create a comic of my own.

I started working on my own comic at the ripe old age of 8, by 11 Started drawing the actual comic.

This was at the time of the .com bubble, so I didn’t want to make just any comic. It was going to be what I thought at the time to be revolutionary ― I was going to put it on the web! As you can probably tell I was oblivious to the existence of webcomics at the time.

Unfortunately by the time I got in high school I found new interests and stopped drawing and writing so I never finished. But by the end of college, I got back into comics and manga. With this came a renewed interest in art and started working on my original comic idea again.

Of course after so much time away I came back a little rusty but wiser and the webcomic Industry had changed as well. This sparked new Ideas and of course just like before I still want to create the webcomic I create to be revolutionary, but unlike last time It will be from a new perspective and I plan to take it one step at a time.

Right now I am a webdeveloper but 2018 is the year I plan on becoming a Web comic creator as well. My first comic will be creative commons licensed NOSCOW Webcomic.

It will be a franchise, but in this case, you don’t to have worry about Intellectual property licenses since it will a Creative Commons (cc) license. So you and others will be able to contribute to the comic or take the story concept and create your own iteration of the original concept.

In case you are new to concept creative commons here is a video and link to the site to learn more.

I‘ll be blogging my process every step of the way and the books I learned from. Since we ‘re all learning all the time it will be like peer to peer comic tutoring. Blog posts will share insights, techniques, tips, and tricks that I learn, as well as tools I find or create of along the way.

Why am I doing this?

My vision is to inspire comic creators to improve by providing resources to learn and create comics.

I want to build a community and a place for creatives to help each other and learn and grow together with a focus on webcomics. Whatever I build for my webcomic might also be useful for others so it will be made available for others free and open sourced, along with tips and tricks I learn along the way.

I want to show my process for making a science-fiction comic since there are not a lot of sci-fi webcomics out there. I will discuss the science of the past, present, and future that’s used in the comic. Since it will be science fiction I will even dabble in some interesting pseudoscience as well as some cool psychology and sociology. Also, I don’t believe that sci-fi becoming “dated” is a bad thing as it can also be used as a sort of history lesson for sci-fi of the past which is why it will include some old and “debunked science” as well.

Since I am just getting started with my webcomic I will be creating everything from scratch and discussing my process and reasoning along the way. You are free to take any concepts including characters you like even the entire story or world since it is creative commons just make sure attribute me.

I plan to produce and publish something at least twice a month rather it’s an update on my progress, artwork, or a git-push. If you like me have been planning on making a webcomic but haven’t this is your chance join me and start your own comic as well or even use mine. From making the website to publishing the first chapter by the end of the year, here is my tentative plan.

  • Personal Site
  • Webcomic CMS
  • Title
  • World building
  • Setting and environment art
  • outline
  • Character concepts and art
  • Cover
  • Script
  • Thumbnails
  • Page layout
  • Pencil
  • Ink
  • Color
  • Comic style guide

I won’t be posting everything on Medium so be sure to follow me on Twitter @SheldonMLloyd



Sheldon Lloyd

Web developer, science enthusiast, and aspiring webomic creator. Follow my journey as I create my first comic and share tips and tricks I learn along the way.