My kid got super pissed off. What he did next isn’t clickbait.

I have to admit, I was horrified at your son’s response to you. But it was good to hear that he just needed some time to process his behavior towards you and eventually apologize.

It’s a shame that not many men find it in themselves to say sorry when they are in the wrong about something. Afraid that it will make them seem weak — but the fact that they are afraid to admit when they are wrong is how they inevitably show weakness. For it takes inner strength to show humility.

If you are in the wrong about something, apologizing about it shows that you recognize your actions were wrong and accept the consequences of those actions. Most don’t realize that they will be forgiven if the apology is genuine and will feel much better once that burden has been lifted.

Apologizing is also a sign of respect.

And yes, I’m sure your son will grow to be just fine once he spreads his wings. Kids that age (well, teenagers) can still be tricky to deal with, but at least yours is willing to talk about things that happen, unlike others who choose to bottle everything inside.

Anyway, great real-life article, I love the way you write!

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