How to Appear to Be a Big Shot When You Are a Solopreneur

Being a solopreneur is exciting, but also stressful. Since you’re a business of one, it falls on you to wear many different hats to run your business. Having the right systems and processes in place can make a drastic difference in your success.

Even though solopreneurship is pretty common these days, some may face a credibility challenge. When potential clients come to their website and see that it’s “just them,” they often end up leaving. Some consumers may prefer working with a large company rather than a solopreneur because they see large companies as more reputable and able to produce higher quality products and services. Luckily, you don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to hire staff or build a fancy website to make it seem like you’re a large credible company.

As a solopreneur, we are perfectly able to run our businesses successfully but if you are worried about appearing credible to your target market, check out the tips below to help make you look more like a big shot.

Professional Phone Service

I have always recommended Google Voice to my clients. Google Voice offers a free second line that you can access from your current smartphone. You’ll get personalized voicemail options for your number, text messages, and basically everything else you need to appear professional. When you add this number to your contact info on your website, you’ll receive the calls according to whatever forwarding schedule you have set up. I receive my calls directly on my personal smartphone. With the Google Voice app installed, I can tell immediately when I am receiving a business call and I can choose to accept the call or send it to my business voicemail. You can receive notifications directly in your chrome browser as well as receive an email/text when you have messages. And did I mention that it’s totally free?

If you want to look more like a big shot, you can pay about $30 a month for a professional call answering service. The way it works is quite simple. The number you list on your website actually goes to your call answering service. When someone calls that number, they hear a professional secretary answer the phone. For example, if you’re a graphics designer, your “secretary” might answer:

“Thank you for calling Fame Graphics, how may I direct your call?”

No matter what they say, the call gets routed to you. This creates the impression that you have a giant office and a large staff when in reality you’re working out of your home.

Multiple Email Contacts

Use more than one email address for your business. You should create a separate email address for different areas of your business and add them to your contact page. No matter how many you have, you can easily make sure all of the messages come to your main account for review. See examples below.

For media inquiries, contact:

For support contact:

For reprints, contact:

For all other inquiries, contact:

Originally published at on November 13, 2018.