A musical partnership comes together as part of a six piece band to share new songs that represent the progression of a strong musical relationship.

Shelley Theatre Bar Manager, Tom Dunne

From the early days of finding our rhythm to the aspirations for the future, extending the Shelley Theatre offering has progressed year on year.

The Past

Diana Hunter

As our programme of performances increases year on year, being the first point of contact for artists and making them feel welcome, ensures their time with us is stress free and enjoyable. This means artists can ease into their performance.

A musical for anyone who has loved Grease, Hairspray and Scooby Doo, comes to the stage.

A new season returns to Shelley Theatre showing classic films in a theatrical environment.

Zoe Dunne, Theatre Manager

One of my most memorable live performances was seeing my very first opera (it was Mozart’s, Marriage Of Figaro).

Producer, Ian Evans

A Tony award-winning play comes to Shelley Theatre depicting real life masterclass sessions with an iconic 20th century opera singer.

Zoe Dunne, Shelley Theatre, Theatre Manager

Firstly, I would like to say Happy New Year!

Shelley Theatre

Shelley Theatre is the theatre on your doorstep you never knew about. From film to performances, come and see how we're bringing this historic building alive.

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