Emma Sexton — Making Her Own Rules With MYWW & The Badass Women Hour

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Being an entrepreneur is all about taking a risk on something you believe in and are passionate about. It’s a time when you get to be in charge, make decisions and become the leader you want to be. There is one female leader in particular who comes to mind when we think about taking chances and making your own rules, and that is Emma Sexton.

Emma Sexton is an all around inspirational leader, serial entrepreneur and role model to all women in business. When she launched MYWW, a design company specialising in demystifying and delivering in-house design, in 2013 she decided to break all the common office rules. She chose to have everyone work remotely with no set hours and adopted a task based model instead. Each employee has their tasks and their deadlines and as long as they deliver in time all they need is wifi.

‘The freedom to make up my own rules is incredible’ — Emma Sexton, The Guardian

Sexton wanted to change what ‘every day at the office’ looks like and her approach paid off. It also gave her the opportunity to employ stay at home moms who are unable to work conventional office hours. And if all that wasn’t enough, her ‘side hustle’ Badass Women’s Hour podcast along with Harriet Minter and Natalie Campbell helps highlight important women’s issues and even won the Diversity in Media Awards’ (DiMA) Radio Programme of the Year in 2017.

Since the launch of our app, we have often looked up to Emma Sexton for inspiration. We are always trying to find ‘rules’ that are holding women back and to empower our members through starting conversations about matters that are important to them, a lot of them are also often discussed in Sexton’s podcast. Whether it’s dealing with problems at work, toxic relationships or mental health, we seek to be a safe space where women can ask and give advice to each other and establish their own rules.

App Store: http://apple.co/2AgQ0ZH — — — — Google Play: http://bit.ly/2AgqiEB