Female Friendship: Why Girl Talk Is Good For You.

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Having your own women’s network, with a number of friends you can chat with regularly can make a significant difference in your life. Women are generally very sociable, they like to get together, talk about anything and everything and share their opinions and ideas. Having a group of female friends that you can chat with regularly is incredibly beneficial because it not only makes your life fuller, but also helps you grow as a person.

Fresh perspective.

The more people you know in life, the wider variety of opinions you are exposed to. Each of your female friends will have had different life experiences and her own way of viewing life and happiness. Chatting with new female friends will expose you to all these new ideas and will make you appreciate what you have achieved so far or even inspire you to chase your dreams and work towards something you always wanted to do. After all, if another woman like you can do it, then why can’t you?

Feeling connected.

Community is such a basic human need, making even the prehistoric people come together and live with one another. Without female friends to chat with, it is very easy to think that you are alone against the world, dealing with issues nobody else has, but the truth is that isolation is actually your biggest enemy. We can’t forget that isolation can be both a symptom and a cause for depression, making it even more important that you build your own women’s network that you can talk with. Being surrounded by other women like you will make you see that you’re a valued member of a community and there are women out there who want the best for you and also rely on your advice and opinions.

Shared life experiences.

While having male friends is also important, there are a lot of cases when only another woman can truly understand how you feel because she has found herself in the same position. Be it feeling upset about the pay gap or getting catcalled in the street, to just wanting to talk about fashion, get a glass of wine and look at cats for a few hours, your female friends will know exactly what to do to make you feel better because that’s what they also need when they are in your place.

Common goals.

And, you know, once you are out of cat photos, your women friends will fight on your side to actually make things better. There are a lot of initiatives out there to make women’s lives better and opportunities to work together. Connecting with other women, particularly in your local area, can lead to charity initiatives and a lot of positive changes to your community. Helping each other out with childcare, organising charity bake sales, giving away clothes you don’t need to underprivileged women and families are all goals easily achieved if you get together a group of strong local women.

Support network.

You should never forget that what goes around, comes around. One day you will help and give advice to a woman who needs it, the next day you will be the one needing help and once your network is in place you will know exactly who to ask for it. And if you want someone to offer you some encouragement and support your choices and ventures you will also find them in your girl group; they will always have your back.

At the end of the day, it is all about women coming together, connecting and making their lives easier, happier and more relaxed.

If you are not sure how to find these strong women to create your network, Shello is a great app to check out. We wanted to create the platform that helps women connect, so that you know that when you need another woman to chat to, all you need to do is check your app.

App Store: http://apple.co/2AgQ0ZH — — — — Google Play: http://bit.ly/2AgqiEB