The Number Of (Female) Friends Every Girl Needs.

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Spending time with your bff and the rest of your gal pals is very important for any woman. But is there such a thing as too many friends? We believe there isn’t!

Having friends around you is the key to a happy fulfilled life, they are your support network, your greatest fans and the people who will be there for you when you need them the most. In good times and bad times, calling a friend to share your news or talk about what’s in your mind is always the best idea.

But, you may ask, do you need multiple friends for that? Can’t you have one friend for everything? Well, having one friend is great but having lots of friends is even better! Hear us out… Imagine you have a problem and you need advice, you can get advice from one friend, but getting 10 friends’ advice will most likely give you more ideas and solutions. The more people you ask, the better you chances to find someone with the same problem or someone who has already solved it and can help you with it too.

And it’s not just for problems. Let say you got a big promotion and you want to go out and celebrate but the first friend you call is busy or ill and can’t go out. Should you stay in too? No! Just call some of your other friends and some of them will be free to come out with you. The more people you ask the bigger the group you’ll have in the end.

It doesn’t stop there. For every issue that you need a friend to talk to you can have a different female friend to ask. Have a look at some examples.

1. Your drinking buddy.

She has a lot of free time and is fun to be around. She knows all the best bars in town and is somewhat of a drinks connoisseur. When you finish work and want to go for a quick drink, chances are she will say yes and meet you at your favourite bar for drinks and a nice chat.

2. Your fashion advisor.

She buys every fashion magazine, attends fashion week and knows all the trends. When you need a new outfit or someone to go to the shops with she is the one to call. She knows what you like, what suits you and will not hesitate to tell you if something doesn’t look good because she wants you to always look your best.

3. Your single friend.

You want to meet a new guy but don’t feel comfortable going up to strangers alone? Your single friend will come with you and now that it’s two of you it is much easier to find a group of cute guys and chat with them. She has already planned the code words to get you out of situations you don’t like and will keep pointing out all your best qualities that will impress the guys.

4. Your travel companion.

She has just as much free time and saved money as you and will not say no to a good trip. Easy going and fun, she will not press her schedule on you, rather she will enjoy every place you visit because it is all new and exciting. She is up for trying foreign food, taking selfies with every building, statue and viewpoint and knows that your trip is not complete without trying the local sweet treats!

5. Your sensible friend.

Sometimes you think that she needs to receive a ‘best at being an adult’ award because she seems to have everything figured out. From money and taxes advice, to job interview tips, life lessons and a unique ability to make everything look simple and straightforward. Your sensible friend will be there to calm you down and tell you that whatever you are dealing with is not the end of the world and that she know you are strong enough to deal with it.

6. Your ‘mumsy’ friend.

She is the one who looks after you, and sometimes the rest of the group too. She always has your best interest at heart, from randomly telling you to take your coat and remember to eat proper food to judging any guy who asks you out and telling him that he’ll have to deal with her if he hurts you. She will take care of you when you’re ill or hungover but also tell you off for getting ill in the first place. At the end of the day, you know you can count on her.

7. Your gym buddy.

You thought going to the gym was boring till you became friends and started going together. Chatting while working out now makes the hours pass in no time and by the time you’re done discussing your news and gossip it’s already time to go. Who knew gym would actually be fun?

8. Your former classmate.

You may live in different cities now, but you never lost touch after school. Having been friends since you were children you know each other’s secrets, fears and hopes for the future and you have a better understanding of where you’re coming from when you have a problem. Besides, she is the person you can reminisce about inside jokes, school pranks and old boyfriends with and look your other classmates up on facebook to see what they’ve done with their lives.

9. Your cinema fan friend.

She knows all the new releases, she reads the reviews and she follows the actors’ twitter and instagram accounts. When you watch a movie together she will explain all the easter eggs you missed, tell you what the actors have said in the promotional interviews and be able to quote the main characters as soon as the movie is over. Despite knowing all that, she still gets excited about the magic of watching a movie, sharing a popcorn and spending some quality time with her friend.

10. Your strange friend.

She is anything but ordinary and she’s go the interests to prove it. Immersive experiences, alternative fashion, masquerade balls, themed food popups, she goes to them all. She is creative, fun and always looking for something new and exciting. You love her because she accepts everyone for who they are, doesn’t judge people and will always show you something you’ve never seen before.

11. Your neighbour friend.

She lives in your building or just down the road. She can pop in after work, come in for a morning coffee and brunch in the weekend or do a quick shopping run for you when you’re ill and can’t get out of bed. Admit it, with most of us living in big cities where it takes some time to visit even our closest friends, having a friend so close is an absolute dream.

12. Your office friend.

Your 9–5 become so much better when you are working with a friend. From better communication and team work to a friendly chat over lunch and sometimes a friend to complain to when something goes wrong in the office, your office friend will know exactly what you’re going through because they are going through it too. Plus, those after work pints are super easy to organise when you are both already together.

13+ Your unique interests friend.

This is where the count goes up, especially if you have a lot of different interests. Having friends who like doing the same things as you means that you always have someone to go out with and talk about your passions. Whether you do a dance class together, enjoy arts and crafts, are really into baking or anything else you can think of, your friend will share your passion for it, join you in the activities and tell you tips from her own experiences.

As you can see, you can never have too many girl friends and the more women you know the better it is for you. Living a fulfilled life means being surrounded by good people who care and support you and your female friends will be there to do just that.

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