Shello: An App Built By Women For Women

In today’s male dominated business world there have been increasing efforts to celebrate women in business and encourage more female entrepreneurs to take risks, work on their ideas and realise them. The startup community has been a fertile ground for more female led businesses and a lot of initiatives and opportunities for networking, collaborating and making sure that female founders can connect and support each other when they face similar challenges have been started.

Enter Shello, a brand new product for women, led by an inspiring female leader, with years of experience in connecting new people. Sanchita Saha, founder of citysocializer, an online to offline service for people to make new friends and go out to real life social days and nights out. With thousands of members using citysocializer daily, it was clear that there is a strong need for people to connect and meet up. In recent years a new trend started from within the citysocializer community, with an increasing number of women only socials and requests to help women connect with other women.

It was these women, already using a product to connect with each other, whom we first contacted when building our new app, Shello. We wanted to find out what they were interested in, what they needed and what they still felt they were missing out. Our research then expanded out to more women outside of citysocializer. We contacted groups of women working in startups on facebook, spoke with other female leaders and businesswomen, chatted with women who shared their passions on reddit and were meeting other women through other mixed gender chat services.

The answers that came from our research were quite clear. The women we spoke with were all already trying to connect with other women via the means available, but wanted and needed more. They wanted to increase their social circle, they wanted to find women with whom they share the same interests, they wanted to have women locally with whom they can meet up, they wanted to chat with other women who were at the same stage in life, ask for advice and help each other grow. And this is exactly who we wanted to be.

And just like that, Shello was born. Under the guidance of our founder, we gathered all of the feedback we had received, mapped out needs of our target audience and created our basic roadmap. We considered a variety of ways to connect our users within the app; group chats, one to one chats and a selection of groups and interests to pick from.

Our initial groups came from a combination of market research, current trends as well as information from our own research. A larger number of tags for user profiles was also created, to provide guidelines for future groups according to their popularity with our members.

And this is only the beginning. As the groups grow and more women use the app, we will be able to fine tune the groups, add more interests and make sure that any woman who opens it will be able to find some likeminded women waiting for her. We want Shello to be the first thought any woman has when she has a question for other women, wants to share her passion for her work and interests or just wants a chat with some other friendly women.


To be one of the original Shello members and help shape the future of our brand new women only app, sign up via the website and join the waiting list. New members will be invited in at several stages, so we have the opportunity to speak with all of you, get your feedback and make Shello your new favourite app.