Double Life

It is myth that we believe people around us, we think care understands us. In reality each one of them have a presumed idea about us. That is why we get heart-broken when we learn they have not understood even the slightest part of our innerself.

Most of us, sometimes all, have done and still do a lot to maintain the good-image idea what our parents, friends, relatives, colleagues maybe even boyfriends and girlfriends have on us. We lead a double role. A double life not by choice but is a necessity to stick on to the people we want.

Am sure at one point we would fail at this task. Either they would have made out you are just pretending or maybe who knows you have not understood them properly.

A person might appear to have changed his behavior, attitude and manners. But the real essence is unchanged overtime

So stop faking and live with real identity. Least you will get a clear idea about the ones who are pretending to you.

From what I learnt, I gave sometime for my friends and people around to know me..The real me. In fact they never made use of that till date. Anyhow I have never bothered to expect the result to be positive. As I said, their essence shall remain unchanged and so will mine.

Accept the reality than duality.
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