To Charles Etoroma — What My Friend’s Death Did To Me?

Dear Charles,

I am very sorry for your loss. I was moved by reading your post and I quickly wanted to pen down a message for you. I might be late though, the matter still holds value.


“Everything is only until our hearts stop beating”

We wake up every morning, with a vague idea of what might happen today. None of us are sure about its certainty. And then, one morning we also might never open our eyes to see the sunshine.

This is the routine cycle of life and death for all of us. Though we wish it is not like this; we cannot even force it to alter its course.

Today, as one of your friends, I would like to share your grief. And would want to stand by your side to let you know that you’ve got a long way to go through. Perhaps your brother-friend will be with you now and forever.