British Politicians Hopelessly Smitten With The Rwandan Dictator, Paul Kagame
David Himbara

And you are so sad that Rwanda And Rwandans continue to prosper and develop despite the lies you tell on the internet about your own country just to gain a living where you are based abroad. Shame on you and every Africans who fool the west and pretend to be political refugees , make false accusations against their countries for a purpose of being welcomed in Europe or USA . now you are here writing non sense while you should be together with your family in Rwanda helping other Rwandans to rebuild the country . The British continues to support Rwanda because they now the country’s economy have been growing at 7% over the past two decades , Rwandans have a universal health care that covers more than 90% ( you tell me if this exist where you are living), peace in other African countries such as Sudan ,central ….depends on the presence of Rwanda’s military …Rwandans reelected kagame because they know he is the man lifting them out of poverty at a rate that can’t be easily achieved by anyone else.