Stupid fucking shit my boss does, to other people…

A co-worker of about 10 years meets with our boss to give notice of resignation, several months in advance.

It’s really difficult for me to tell you this but I have a new opportunity and will be moving out of state. It’s a tough decision but this is what’s best for me in my career and I’m confident the team I’ve built over the last several years is strong and will do a great job.
What about your girlfriend?! Sorry! I shouldn’t have asked about that. We’re friends though, right? I can ask that.
Uhhh, she’ll be fine. We’ll be fine.
You know, I’m really hoping that [redacted] stays with us for the long haul. I can really see [redacted] running this company once I’m done.
Hmmm…ok, well, I probably shouldn’t know that but, ok. Anyway…
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