Fucked up shit my bullshit, push over of a boss said…

We got a call from that contractor. Do you know them?
Sure, we have refused to pay the full amount they billed us for because of poor service and lack of service. Moreover, they treated one of our staff members inappropriately and eluded to the fact that since she’s a women, she didn’t know what she was doing and that in order to set things right, he needed to speak with a man.
Well, apparently they called the CEO and complained. Apparently they’re friends.
So, we’re going to ignore that they acted in an inappropriate and sexist manner?
We need to pay them.
Internal monologue
Fuck you. YOU pay them then. I’m not doing any work to support a sexist, piece of garbage like that. Just because you’re sexist doesn’t mean I’m going to aid and abet another one. Thanks for your continued support though. Really feeling the love.