Episode 6 – Commotion at Good Friday’s Restaurant

Somehow Shenart gathered all the neighborhood together to save Rabbit Man. The neighborhood spoke up for him that he was not an animal but a human being. Rabbit Man became famous. Shenart envied him a little. He also knew that a lady wanted him dead named Emma.

One day, Shenart saw Emma sitting in Good Friday’s Chicken. Emma had wrapped her false teeth in a napkin on the table. She went to the bathroom, but when she came back, her false teeth were gone. Emma got excited and became afraid that she wasn’t finding them. She had the waitresses digging and looking in the garbage. They took everything out to find her false teeth. The waitresses could not find them anywhere.

Shenart walked over to Emma.

Shenart: Woman, what is the matter?

Emma: I lost my teeth.

Shenart laughed until he cried.

Shenart: How in the world did you lose your teeth!

Emma: I’m not lying. I had them wrapped in a napkin on the table. Now, they are gone.

People that were coming into the chicken restaurant were wondering what was going on. They were wondering why trash bags were being taken out of garbage cans and why the waitresses were looking everywhere. Shenart just kept on laughing with tears in his eyes.

The manager came out to speak with Shenart about his loud laughing at the woman.

Lester: You leave that poor woman alone!

The manager’s name was Lester. He did not like Shenart’s behavior and was afraid he would lose Emma as a customer. When Lester turned his back on Shenart, he stole a bucket of chicken off of the counter that he had not put into a bag for Emma who ordered a bucket to go. The minuet Lester had turned around and saw no chicken on the counter, he knew Shenart had taken it. He went into the kitchen and saw Shenart hiding in a corner on the floor eating the chicken from Emma’s bucket. Lester grabbed a dough roller and chased him out of his restaurant.

Emma: That funny looking creature is probably the one that stole my teeth!

Lester: I don’t know where he came from, but I’m calling the police right now! This time he’s going to be on the wanted posters, and there will be no saving him!”

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