“No to extrajudicial killings!”

Our drawing.

In our drawing, we have President Duterte backed up by the PNP police which shows their support for the ‘War on Drugs’ that Duterte has started. On the right side, we’re portraying the scenario of a poor man who was a victim to the war on drugs; he was an alleged drug pusher. While the lady holding him is “Inang Bayan,” she symbolizes the cries of injustice brought about by the extrajudicial killings. If you notice the transition of her hair color, it turns into the colors of the flag. The red side is up because of the war on drugs that the whole country is undergoing. Lastly, we have the mayors and congressmen who are happily going about their lives without having to worry getting caught in the war on drugs because of their political status and the power that comes with it. In reality, most of our government officials are involved with drug syndicates. Example of which is the Mayor of Leyte, Espinosa, who was found guilty and got arrested. Although, this isn’t the case for every official involved. Some of them still manage to get away and continue these illegal acts.

We are against extrajudicial killings because every single one of us has a right to due process. 7,000 people died, accused of being involved in drugs. The “palit-ulo” scheme to catch people involved in the drug war is one of the reasons why innocent people die as well. The pawns of Duterte have a quota everyday of how many drug users/ pushers they have to capture/kill. If they don’t find everyone on the list today, they look for others who can take their place. Hence, the term “palit-ulo.” This is just one of the many injustices brought about this war on drugs. Its not just a war on drugs, it is a war on the Philippine people. No one is safe.

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