Be Brave

There are many times in life where fear becomes a mighty fortress in my life, holding me captive though I want to break free. I never was one to possess a great deal of bravery. I was afraid of many things; darkness, loneliness, or being abandoned, cages, numbness, and even more afraid of having no means to control what was happening in my life.

If something upset my little world, I wanted to fix it, and fix it damn fast. If something upset a loved one’s world, I wanted to fix it as well.

If I could do nothing to control the storms in my life, fear came in and swept over me, capturing me in iron-clad talons. A cage I am very scared of.

Apparently, life also won’t get any easier. And that was something in life has taught me.

Because so many things that i do in my life, but so little time, so little energy that i have and i’m also sad because one thing.

when the effort of what i’m creating is way too much than the result.

not that i’m overexpecting, but sometimes it just doesn’t work well.

and i’m fighting with it. a lot.

But at some point in life, I realized that to escape the tunnel first I should accept the fact that I am actually in the tunnel, surrounded by darkness. And that what matters most isn’t how dark it is. It’s something inside all of us that moves our feet one step at a time. Something greater that the fear itself: a strength, a courage.

I have to be brave.

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