Earlier this month LaKase Perry blessed us with a piece about the trauma women characters experience that forces them into heroism. Then Jesse Kadjo followed up to show us the shallow waters of motivation that the villainess is forced to swim in. In his first hit novel Carrie (1974), Stephen King tries to subvert a lot of these issues, which is why it is considered by some to be feminist horror. Unlike Alex Forrest whose insanity is explanation enough for her character, Carrie’s ascent to power and descent into madness is complex, documented, and meant to stir up questions. Unlike…

Cyborg: Rebirth (One Shot)

Victor Stone was no angel. Even in his Crisis Era origins, Vic was dehumanized long before the incident that changed him into a cybernetic organism. His parents used him as a guinea pig for intelligence boosting experiments and his acts of rebellion made him a gangbanger and an athlete. Everything before his incident made Victor a caricature of a black boy. Ironically it was his transformation that salvaged his humanity.

It took a horrible accident for Silas Stone to see his son’s humanity, but once he did, he did everything in his power to help his son reclaim his life…

The first amendment to the constitution allows the protects the people’s right to a free and independent press. This body keeps the people informed about the events that impact their lives, magnifies the voice of the people, and tells us the things that the government may not want to tell us. It is for this reason that the press is as important to our government as the three party system. This is why the press is referred to as the 4th estate, a body independent of the government that serves as the 4th leg of the table of democracy.


Say what you want about Secret Empire; say what you want about HydraCap. The discussion on the execution of Marvel’s latest summer event is one that I’d be willing to have at another time. However, our feelings about the industry, Nick Spencer’s beef with Twitter, and that Kobik cop out, should not keep us from discussing this tale of two Captains. Through the lenses of Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers, Nick Spencer delivers a stunning critique of what it means to be Captain America and ineluctably, a critique on America.

December 1940 (Oh What A Time)

It is December 1940 and winter solstice is on the…

As you all might know I said my piece on the prologue to The Killing Joke, and I was not a happy camper. I regret to inform you that though better than its prologue, I was not taken by the film adaptation of the graphic novel.

The animated film’s mediocre status comes mostly from the fact that though the panels and words are there, the feeling and the pacing of the graphic novel was not captured. The fundamental questions and themes of the story seemed to been skipped over and it viewed more like an episode of Batman: The Animated…

Batman: The Killing Joke (2016)

So I’ll write another post on the actual book plot, but this post right here…this post is about many of the problems with the portrayal of female characters throughout the history of comics, all concentrated into 30 minutes and INJECTED INTO MY EYEBALLS!!! I may never unsee what I have seen (AND I PAID $12 FOR IT!!).

I’m just going to track and rate comic book movies that were released this year on the Shenz Scale and give a quick paragraph summary of how I viewed the movie. NO, I will not watch TMNT 2 so you know what I think.

Deadpool: 8.5 ChimiChangas

Deadpool is my highest rated comic book movie of the year so far. The plot wasn’t original, however it was handled in a way that only Deadpool can handle it. A simple plot made sure the movie was cohesive, and the decision to make the origin portion of the story a flash-back was amazing. Since the…


If you are a member of the Comicidal Cabal then you may have heard the Comicidal Crew refer to “The Shenz Scale”. This 10 point rating scale is my way of attaching meaning to the number. I try to remove personal bias, but have a system that isn’t overly precise where users can’t casually come up with a number without deep calculations. The scale most heavily weighs core story telling elements such as plot, character arc, world building, intent of story, and use of medium. If the work in question is an adaptation from another medium, I do factor in…

Batman Gotham Knights(2002) #32 Cover

So this blog post will be a bit long winded, because in a single post I am trying to say goodbye to an old friend, thanking a team for a job well done, and trying to explain why now is a good time for me to walk away. So I would like to ask readers to bear with me because…breakups are never easy right? If you want the quick and dirty version just read parts 1 and 4. If you really want to understand the breakup I encourage the full read.

Part 1: And this is where we say goodbye

I have decided after such a beautiful ending, that…

Original Publication Date: February 03, 2015

Updated: April 03, 2016

As the Then and Now section is reserved for characters who are still around in books for you to pick up today, I’m not going to share with you the pre-superhero Marvel stuff, and I’m going to focus today on the first three black heroes that Marvel gave us: Black Panther, Falcon, and Luke Cage.

I’d also like to point out again that looking at a period before my lifetime through a retrospective lens makes my outlook on each character a bit more critical than the critiques may have been…

Lucius Illuminux

Dealing primarily in the realm of visual fiction. Proud Member of the Comicidal Terrahawks Crew. I’m hoping medium is the perfect “medium” for my long form post

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