Heroku is Amazing

For the past few years I’ve been a fool.

Why? Because I’ve been managing my web apps myself. Countless hours spent installing software and configuring applications through KiTTY. Sure, it’s not bad to know, but now it’s just become repetitive. I’ve written a script just to set up my common stack, with me entering in values every so often.

But yesterday, I discovered something. I found out that things can be easier — no longer must I spend my time doing repetitive work just to test an application I’ve hacked together.

The simplicity is best described in how I started using it. I was at work, bored, waiting for a customer to come by our help desk. So I decided to make a Heroku account and create an app for my portfolio website. Easy enough. I figured it’d require a bit more setup that I’d need to do at home, I’d have to do some sort of configuration, right?

But no. I linked my GitHub project and Heroku knew what to do, it detected it was a Play Framework project, and without any effort on my part, compiled and executed it.

I was shocked. I just deployed an app at work, without really doing anything myself.

Not everyone needs Heroku. Scalability isn’t required for little test applications, or small web sites. It’s definately not the cheapest solution. But you have to admire its simplicity.