Loyalty or Integrity?

If your boss asks for loyalty give them integrity, but if your boss asks for integrity give them loyalty. I frequently remind members of this Office during swearing in ceremonies that I do not expect them to be loyal to me, but we should all be loyal to ideas and values.

Leadership and people will come and go. Loyalty is often misapplied and we have seen the consequences of misplaced loyalty. I worked with a colleague once that stated he felt as if he was out on a branch by himself and someone behind him was sawing on the limb. He realized he had misplaced his loyalty upon a single person and what that individual could do for them instead of the overall agency mission.

We can be loyal to people and support them in their efforts so long as we do not compromise loyalty to the greater standard of doing the “right thing.” Loyalty will remain one of the core values of this Office and it can be appropriately applied when we rely on principals that ensure honesty, empathy and integrity. When coworkers consistently accept these standards and apply them in every situation we begin to reinforce the value of loyalty to both the ideas we know that make a difference and to an Office that consistently applies them. I believe these loyalties will then be manifest in the community we serve as their trust in us and our legitimacy grows from repeatedly doing the right thing.

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