What makes you install Medium?

i was looking for a place to rant, express myself in a social media where i can get feedbacks from different types of people. The point is to rant, complain, question, things without having my family or friends to know.

I started on Twitter and added NONE of my friends, (lets not talk about family, ching chong people doesnt exactly use twitter) so my weird post and i would be completely safe, and there will be random feedbacks to my post there. Whenever i feel down or got scolded for no reason (asian mum’s no.1 hobby) or just happy, i just wonder if there are people like me.

Like for instance, what would you do if this particular thing happened to you? What do you feel about this? In your opinion what should i do to make things better?

questions like these are asked and i hope it’ll be answered. Some are just pure complains for the sake of getting things off my chest.

Anyway, things was going fine until i forgotten my twitter acc after my phone got picked pocket.

End of my twitter ranting life. i went back to facebook-ing. But friends or family start questioning me. NO. i need a new place to write and rant no matter people read it or not. I just want to get things off my chest.

So i searched it up, and they recommended this “Medium” website. Im giving a try, hoping this would be help.

Writing wise, i prefer this more than Twitter already.

Aaaaand this is how i got my Medium. :) -23rd Sept 2016
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