Lyft vs. Taxi Thunderdome
Lauren Smiley

Looking forward to the debate today! We’ve asked drivers in the SherpaShare community to submit their questions, and here’s what’s come in so far…

hannan23: Are there any expenses for being a taxi driver?

a_thomas_sfo: I drive for Uber — why would i want to switch to become a taxi driver? How is being a taxi driver more efficient? In 3 years will there be any difference between Uber & taxis?...

loissor06: Do taxi drivers get benefits?

uberman_dallas: Before rideshare The City regulates the fares, which is better the city or rideshare company controlling the fares?

derry27: What are all the taxi fees? And how does one day’s NET earnings compare on each in SF?

christopher_d98: How many hours do taxi drivers work per week? Average earnings per week? Are most rides dispatched or hails? Average fare?

fran_sanfran: What’s the taxi driver growth potential? Can I arrange private clients as a taxi driver? What happens when the taxi industry dies?

carloman: What’s the payout like as a taxi driver? Flywheel doing anything different or more innovative than rideshares?

— — — — — — —

SherpaShare helps on-demand workers manage their earnings and expenses and connect with other workers on one app. The community — in the tens of thousands — is primarily made up of Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, and Postmates drivers, although there are some former taxi drivers too!