If you aren’t working at your optimum level, then you need changes.

30 Minute Hacks to Organize and Simplify Your Work Day to Prepare for Success

Looking for some quick things to do that can make all the difference in your day? That can give you peace of mind that you won’t miss something important? That will make you feel confident and organized? Never fear, there are some hacks you probably haven’t implemented and some tools that you haven’t yet adapted that could simplify your work day and help you make the most of your personal time.

These hacks can make a quick change that will pull stress away from your usual routine:

· Go into your email inbox and unsubscribe to every email list that is sending you stuff that you never open or hope to get back to at a later time. It will unclutter your inbox, stop you from having to give notice to an alert on your smartphone that doesn’t matter, and it will take away the stress of having hundreds of emails you haven’t gotten back to yet. Stop deleting — take the time to unsubscribe. Most emails will have an unsubscribe link at the bottom that you can use to remove yourself from the list.

· Start using the email features that allow you to prioritize incoming emails according to the sender or the subject line keywords. Gmail is free and has a lot of features that allow you to start off organized before you even open anything. There are other email platforms that have options you might find helpful, but if you don’t use them then you are missing out.

· Organize the icons on your smartphone and desktop so that they are categorized according to your usage of them. It doesn’t make sense to have them scattered all around no matter how used to their placement you are at the moment. Put them in categorical orders that will make the use of them more efficient.

· Delete apps you aren’t using on your phone, even if you paid for them. They are just clutter.

· Clean your work area up. Have as little stuff as possible on your desk. Then organize your drawer space so that the things you need frequently are easily reachable. Don’t use your desktop to show off to the world your personality and personal life. Limit your personal photo frames to a minimum and update them frequently to keep the area new and fresh. Your desktop is perfect for a digital photo frame that shuffles photos.

· Pull everything out of your carry bag, briefcase, or book bag. Whatever it is you carry into your work space everyday — clean it out completely. Then only put back in what you really need. If you have carried something in and out of work every day for weeks and you haven’t used it then leave it out. Organize what you put back in even if that means you have to put things into zip lock storage bags.

· Review how well you are handling your schedule. Can you quickly glance at your daily, weekly, and monthly responsibilities? Are you using it to plan the smallest meetings and blocking out time to work on your goals? Consider switching to a better scheduling system or convert to something that isn’t digital such as a Day Runner system. Perhaps you are trying to use several scheduling systems at once which aren’t working out so well. Get serious about scheduling. If it isn’t written down you can easily put it off and lose the opportunity to complete a task. Even to do lists aren’t good enough. Set up your next day in detail and the next week now. Commit to being a scheduling boss.

· Take your lunch to work. There are many reasons to not eat out at lunchtime: it is expensive, it takes time, it is stressful trying to get your food in time to eat it peacefully, it requires you to waste energy on deciding where to eat, it can be unhealthy and add to your waistline, and it doesn’t allow you to reboot to do your best for the rest of the day. Pamper yourself and buy healthy lunch food, carry it in an organized and nice container, and use your lunchbreak for a time to be calm, eat, and reboot.

· Before you leave your work area for the day, check your schedule for the next day. Prepare as much as possible. Make copies of materials required for your meetings, pull files, refill supplies, clean off your desk, and do whatever you can do to prepare yourself for the next day’s responsibilities before you walk out the door.

· Commit to 7–9 hours of sleep at a minimum for the night. Turn off the television, get ready for bed, and read before you sleep. Those are proven night habits of successful people — they do it for a reason — it works.

If you aren’t working at your optimum level, then you need changes. Experts encourage that you concentrate first on uncluttering, then on organizing, preparing, and systemizing your efforts to be efficient. You have goals that can’t wait. You need to focus on creating opportunities, and by making the most of your efforts and removing what doesn’t work it will set you up for success. Do what it takes. Make it happen.

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