It’s all a matter of how we spend our time as to whether we get to touch and hold on to our greatest dreams or watch them slip between our fingers.

Are You Guarding Your Most Valuable Resource or Giving It Away For Nothing?

If there is something we want more of, never seem to have enough of, but squander away without a thought, it’s time. It is our most valuable resource. It is what can make the difference between squeaking by, failing completely, or rising to our greatest potential. It’s all a matter of how we spend our time as to whether we get to touch and hold on to our greatest dreams or watch them slip between our fingers.

Because it comes and goes so easily it’s not surprising that we believe it isn’t as important as it is. It’s why we don’t value our time. It seems endless and free, but it isn’t.

Good timing is what makes the difference for an innovative idea. It is what makes a social media post go viral. It’s also what makes the difference between a limb from a tree falling right in front of you instead of on your head as you stroll in the park. Time is more finite than we believe it to be.

Time is the most important factor in the equation of success. The more time put into learning, into creating, into design, into development, into the steps that will lead to our goal makes the effort top notch or with less time devoted it falls short of the true potential.

Often we convince ourselves that there is something more important to do than what we know to be a priority. Perhaps a television show grabs our attention or we get caught up in Facebook updates or we decide to sidetrack to a streaming movie rather than studying, working on a business plan, updating a resume, organizing our living space, or simply getting enough sleep. Our skill at finding alternate ways to spend our time rather than spending it on what should be a priority is well practiced.

It’s much worse than procrastination. It could even be defined as a fear of success, or pure sabotage of our lives. We know what needs to be done, but we avoid committing to the important tasks because we believe time is infinite and we will get to it at some point.

There isn’t a television show, a social media update, or a movie that will be as important to you as would time spent with your family, pets, or friends. Did you spend the minutes of your day, that are now gone and can’t be taken back on those that mean the world to you? Where did you throw away time instead of using it to bring value into your life?

Instead of watching a streaming movie or television show, put time into your relationships, your business, your career, your studies, or your health.

Where you put your time should bring your life value or enhance it. Sometimes we don’t have the opportunity to choose to add value or enhance our lives; instead we must face what comes. Why then, when things can change so drastically, so fast, without our permission, do we squander the opportunity to spend the time we are given on what truly matters most?

Each day you are given 24 hours to spend how you wish. Some of those will be automatically deducted for sleeping, bathing, dressing, eating, and commuting to where you need to be and home again. You will have tasks that will need to be addressed, such as filling your car with fuel, completing errands, or cooking a meal. Your total of 24 hours becomes quite less after time is given toward daily needs, tasks, and commitments.

The surplus time you have is valuable. It is rare. It has the ability to transform into something remarkable or fade away and be lost forever, having never been used as it could and should have been.

Make sure you spend your 24 hours of the day happy, positive, seeking the best of each moment. Spend it on your family, your friends, your pets, your dreams, maintaining balance in your life, and toward your emotional, spiritual, and physical health.

Once you realize the true value of time, then you will learn to use it wisely. It should be used to enhance your life or that of others. It should be used to add value to your life or that of others. You have it to spend now, but you don’t know the balance of what you have ahead of you, so use it toward what matters to you the most.

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