There is something you can do this weekend to make it over the top great and set your week ahead to be the same.

Build Real Joy Over the Weekend and Learn to Channel It Into Next Week

The weekend is here again and you either have a full list of things you want to do or experience during the next few days or you are totally going to be spontaneous. The great thing about weekends is they are all yours — each and every minute. You can do what you want, when you want, or at least it feels more like that.

However, once the weekend is winding down it can be a bummer. You feel like you didn’t use the time to its fullest potential, that you didn’t follow your preset priorities, or it just didn’t feel like there was enough time to do everything you wanted to do.

Rarely do we finish a weekend and think “Wow, that was pretty much perfect.”

The reason we often fail to have perfect weekends and start Monday full of joy is that we fail to keep our focus. Yes, focus. You’ve been told that focus can bring you success and set you up to thrive among your dreams, so why not use it to have the best weekend possible?

You don’t have to stick to a strict plan or follow through a to-do list until it is complete. You don’t have to arise early Saturday morning with the energy to tackle every priority. However, you do need to keep your focus on what is important. What you want to gain from the two days that are set aside for you.

What is important to you? How can you incorporate happiness and real joy into your days?

If you have a ton of housework to catch up on, then why not put on music you used to love years ago and dance around singing why you get it done?

Need to mow the lawn? Then why not make it a fun event and set aside some iced cold raspberry infused tea or spiced lemonade to refresh yourself and set out all you need to take a relaxing shower afterwards?

Need to wash the car? Then get it done on your way to an afternoon matinee of the latest film release?

Look around you and discover what you once brought into your life to bring you fulfillment and experiences that you have set aside. Does your pet exist in your home with you or do you need to refocus that relationship and responsibility and spend some quality time with them? If you do, then you will certainly find laughter, joy, and fulfillment that you would have been missed.

Look for how to add more joy into your life this weekend and it will accumulate into your inner being and start you off for a better week ahead. It will also start you on a path of looking for the smallest of ways to bring more joy into your life that you can embrace as a new habit to practice each and every day, not just on the weekend.

Focus and fill your weekend with life experiences that are small, large, and ordinary that will make you smile, cause you to giggle under your breath, make you laugh till your side hurts, warm your heart, fill you with love, and fill you with gratitude. Make the most of your weekend. Make it happen.

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