Becoming aware of the chaos around you could be a game changer for you.

Eliminate the Chaos Around You and Thrive

A recent encounter at a retail business had me looking at my own environment and where my attention to overlooked chaos was needed. I was in line to pay for something and had time to look around and make observations. This was an established business and has stood the test of time. It is charming, comfortable, and I like doing business there, so no complaints, but I did notice one thing, the employees seemed busy, stressed, hurried, and pressured despite there being a well moving line of people through the check out.

In my unprofessional opinion, it had a lot to do with the chaos around them. The area in which to check out those making purchases was tight and there was so much “stuff” around them. There were post it notes here and there, taped up messages, scribbled notes, and I think a few small charts for reference. The under area where they were working was stuffed with things that are probably convenient, but it wasn’t organized and there were probably a few things on the lower shelves in the very back that haven’t seen light in years.

The point is that while everyone was happy and courteous the vibe was not. It was so pressured and stress. Watching the workers do their tasks was hurried, and not streamlined. It seemed the area in which they were functioning was a major problem.

I know that when I am working I do much better with less clutter around me.

Yet, it needs to extend beyond my workspace. I love being in a newly organized and cleaned vehicle, yet I am guilty of stashing things in convenient places like the backseat floorboard in case I need it or plunging something into the front console. I once opened a friend’s console to look for something for her and there were so many napkins that she could have supplied a church picnic. I do those things, too. Yet, when I get tired of the chaos and do something about it I am so better off by the investment of my time to get organized, so why does it take until there is frustration with clutter before it is handled, if ever?

Being mindful of where we function, work and live and removing the chaos is important. It allows us to complete our days with less stress and pressure. Instead of reorganizing every few months, being disciplined to stay organized is a much better way of spending valuable time.

If you are feeling especially pressured, stressed, and have anxiety I read that simply examining your environment and eliminated clutter and chaos can have a major impact. Having read that I noticed the workers checking me out at the retail establishment and it was obvious that it was true for them and a difference could be made if someone eliminated the chaos around them.

I’ve been looking around in my own world, the one I create for myself every single day by deciding to either maintain order or add to the chaos around me. It’s something I make myself notice. I’m mindful of whether I want my environment to enrich me or drain me.

It could be a game changer for you. Be aware, start making changes to create a less cluttered and more thriving environment, because who really needs more than a few napkins in their console, or more than a few pens on their desk, or enough supplies in their backseat floorboard to survive a snowstorm stranding, especially living in Florida?

Create the environment you can thrive in and succeed in by first eliminating the chaos. Make it happen.

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