You need to thrive, not just survive.

Finish (& Start) Your Day with This One Task and It WILL Auto Progress Your Life

The day is winding down and all you want to do is put away all responsibilities and dive into a good show, good book, or grind away at a video game. Whatever it is you like to do to give your mind a break from your daily work and the next day upcoming, put it off for five more minutes and you will see an evolution occur. No kidding. You need to do one more thing and then you can get to what you do to unwind.

There is one essential habit that the majority of successful people do that you most likely are overlooking. It only takes about five minutes and then you’re done, so it isn’t going to put a dent into your daily schedule. Doing it day after day is what successful entrepreneurs, creatives, CEOs, leaders, and sports figures credit as the thing they do to keep them focused.

Without focus, you’re lost. Even the best plan will fall aside as distractions take over your attention. So what is it you need to do before you “let go” of the day? You need to journal.

Journaling isn’t the “Dear Diary” writing you might have done when you were younger, it does involve some level of vulnerability though. You have to open up, be honest, actually be brutally honest, but there is no shaming, no guilt, and no blaming at all. It’s just a neutral zone to review what you’ve accomplished during the day and what is ahead of you tomorrow. It will put you deep into the efforts you are making toward having the life you want.

By writing down your goals you keep them in focus. Writing down your progress keeps you motivated. Honestly exploring your progress pushes you to make changes in your habits and set aside what doesn’t enhance your life and simply occupies it. You will make changes here and there that will set things in motion that never would have happened had you not journaled.

You need to be thriving, not surviving. You need to be making progress, not standing still. You need to have resources to add more life experiences to your living, not being bored with life.

There is no better way to keep yourself accountable for your own actions than journaling.

You can journal in a notebook, a specialized journal, or journal into a computer file. I prefer a notebook, a Moleskine notebook to be exact. I can keep it in a convenient spot to make sure I spend a few minutes at the end of my work day and the beginning of my next putting down a few sentences.

I could tell you what you should write down, but I feel that advice is to confining. What I need to write and what you need to write are unique to our journeys. What matters is that we write. We tell our triumphs, we express our frustration at our challenges, we motivate ourselves to make better choices, to realize that our journey needs attention.

You will find yourself caring more about your health, because without it you are racing for the prize in a beat up, neglected car. You’ll be focused on giving yourself the advantage of good health and that alone will advance your efforts. A few journal entries of “I’m so tired” or “It’s so hard to stay productive” will have you examining why and where you can make changes. Perhaps you need better sleeping habits, better food choices, less caffeine, or more exercise. Whatever it is you need, you will make attempts to find the solution rather than living with body dysfunction. Next thing you know your car is in repair, with a tune up, and on the way to a total transformation that gives you the advantage you need in the race of life.

You will find yourself repositioning your priorities such as studying a new language to advance your career opportunities rather than binging on Netflix and instead binging on Netflix while walking on your treadmill, though listening to a podcast or an audio book is another choice while putting in the miles on the treadmill.

The point is that you will be enlightened, focused, empowered, and most importantly “in charge” rather than letting those valuable minutes in the day tick away.

So, give it a try. Grab a piece of paper and review your day. What moved you forward, what added to your health, what made today special, what kindness did you do without acknowledgement, what enhanced your life, what goal did you take a step toward, what did you do with all those valuable gifted minutes in your day? What will you do tomorrow?

You can always tape that piece of paper into the first page of you “official” notebook or journal tomorrow, or transcribe it into your journaling file tomorrow. It’s important that you start, so don’t put it off because you don’t have an empty journal in front of you. A piece of paper is enough to get started.

Every morning, read your last entry. Write a declaration of where you want to put your focus during the day. Be positive and encouraging. You are the leader in “Team You” so display good leadership skills and rally the troops (you) to victory. Then finish off your daily duties by making another journal entry and review your tactics.

Make journaling a habit. Stick to it and don’t let one day slide. It will auto progress your life.

I’d love to hear how journaling helped you, so consider sending me a comment, a tweet, or message me after your first week or month. I know you are going to be amazed at how this one little task can be such a game changer in your life. Make it happen.

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